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Red Oaks Primary School
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Intro Nursery Reception Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four Year Five Year Six

Year Group Work Packs - Year 3

Celebrating 2019-20
Red Oaks Primary School
Year 3 end of year awards!
Red Oaks Primary School
Week by Week: Term Six
Week Eight

Design your own Theme Park (pdf version)
Week by Week: Term Six
Week Seven


Revision Booklet
Answer Booklet

The Black Hat KS2 Activity Pack - Activity Pack

Weekly Spellings
Monday PowerPoint
Word Search
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet
Handwriting Practice - Cursive
Activity Mat 3

Marcus Rashford Differentiated Reading Comprehension
Pet Care of a Cat Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
Pet Care of a Dog Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Famous Designers and Inventors
Week by Week: Term Six
Week Six


Monday: Power in Pairs (1) and Power in Pairs (2)
Tuesday: Cool Calculations
Wednesday: Checking Answers
Thursday: Problem Solving
Friday: Challenges

Inverted Commas Presentation
Activity Sheet Leon and Aisha
Activity Sheet Chatterbox Barriers Partner A and B
Activity Sheet Inverted Commas
Application Activity Sheet

Weekly Spellings
Words with the Prefix mis-
Word Search
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet
Handwriting Practice - Cursive
Activity Mat 2

Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
Pet Care of a Hamster Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Outdoor Learning & Creativity
Summer Art Ideas
Design a cake activity sheet

Week by Week: Term Six
Week Five


Morning Maths
Rapid Reasoning - Week 14
Fluent in Five - Week 20

Year 3 Summer Booklet - Questions
Year 3 Summer Booklet - Answers

English: Light (pdf version)
Tuesday and Wednesday: How to Write a formal Letter (pdf version)
Tuesday: Formal letter examples
Tuesday: Formal letter writing templates
Tuesday: Formal letter writing checklist
Wednesday: Letter writing template

Fossils Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
Sun Safety Reading Comprehension Activity

Weekly Spellings
Activity Mat 1
Handwriting Practice - Cursive
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet

Outdoor Learning & Creativity
Outdoor magic number square

Week by Week: Term Six
Week Four


Morning Maths
Rapid Reasoning - Week 13
Fluent in Five - Week 19

Year 3 Summer Booklet - Questions
Year 3 Summer Booklet - Answers

Avengers Assemble (pdf version)
Describe these superheroes and their powers.
How to write a good story Avengers Assemble Higher
Plan your character story

Day 1 and 2 - Benjamin Zephaniah
Day 3 and 4 - Kobe Bryant
Day 5 Design a book cover

Weekly Spellings
Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet
Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity
Word Search
Spelling Presentation (pdf version)

Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

Week by Week: Term Six
Week Three


Monday: Represent Me
Tuesday: Problem Solver Tic Tac Toe
Wednesday: What Am I
Thursday: Four in a Row
Friday: Compare and Order Numbers
Extras: Snakes and Ladders
Numbers Written in Words Mat

Weekly Phonics/Spellings Tasks
Day 1: Words ending in the suffix - al (pdf version)
Day 2: Word Search
Day 3: Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet
Day 4: Handwriting Practice - Cursive

Day 1 and 2: Inspirational British Athletes
Day 3 and 4: Roald Dahl Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Fitness Bingo
Fun Fitness Bingo Cards

Lesson Presentation Countries and Cities (pdf version)
UK Cities Activity Sheet
UK Map A4
Which Way in the UK Activity Sheet

Paper collage art inspired by James Mayhew (pdf version)

Week by Week: Term Six
Week Two


Cool Calculating
Crack the Code
Multiplication Facts

Phonics/ Spellings
Powerpoint - DIS (pdf version)
Day 1 DIS - Spelling Rule
Day 2 Definitions - dis- words
Day 3 - Pairs - dis words
Day 4 - Wordsearch- dis- words

Week by Week: Term Six
Week One:


Morning Maths: Rapid Reasoning
Day 2 - Stained glass windows fractions
Day 3 - fractions word problems
Day 4 - pyramid number puzzles
Day 5 - football code breakers

Red Oaks Primary School

Bucket of happiness
Takeaway bag
Wellbeing diary

Day 1 Introduction to homophones - slides
Day 2 LWCC Homophones 1
Day 2 Set 1 homophones
Day 3 CARDS Homophones and definitions
Day 3 Set 2 homophones - slides
Day 4 CARDS Homophones and definitions
Day 4 Set 3 homophones - slides
Day 5 LWCC Homophones 3

Art Choice Board
Art Choice Board
Week by Week: Term Five

Week Five
    Spelling Activities - One a day
    Week 5 morning maths NEW, aded 20th May

Week Four
    Day 1 - Dotty Six
    Day 3 - Healthy Eating Code Breaker
    Day 4 - Colour a division line

Week Three
Week Two
Week One

Term 5 Homework

Enquiry – Vases in Ancient Greece
Greek Vase Photo Powerpoint
Greek Vase Template

VE Day Challenge: View the Picture Gallery so far
Powerpoint or PDF

National Academy:
Weekly Assemblies
May 15th: Video messages from your teachers to say hello to you all - (you can also read their messages by clicking on the pdf link)

Maple Class - Mrs Hogan (read)
Palm Class - Mr Carter (read)
Red Oaks Primary SchoolRed Oaks Primary School

Mind Travels Writing Competition from Reading Cloud
Mind Travels
Morning Maths: click here
Red Oaks Primary School
Spellings: click here
Red Oaks Primary School
Online games and websites available to your children
Children have log ons to each of these in their home school contact book.

Education City - Tasks have been set

Oxford Reading Buddy

BBC Bitesize - General Resources

Cracking Comprehension - Books have been set

Times Tables Rockstars

My Maths - Tasks have been set

Purple Mash
Stories, Poetry and Games
Comic maker! Try out your own superhero characters and settings and then decide what missions they go on as you build up your own comics.

Poetry Archive Poems, quizzes and puzzles. Send in your own poems, search for a poem and ask poets questions.

Roald Dahl Quizzes, prompts for story writing, word, sentence and story writing activities and information about the author.

Storm Breaker Character profiles, gallery of clips from the film, movie news and behind the scenes information.

Teaching Ideas Great challenges, puzzles and ideas from nursery to Y6.

Talk for Writing: Home School booklets
Batch 3    Batch 2
    Donations requested if these resources are used. Red Oaks has made a donation.

Y3 and 4 statutory spelling mat

Spelling Frame For year group word lists and a range of free spelling games. The different 'Spelling Tiles' games are particularly good for representing the words and patterns in different ways.

Phonics Play Phonics games for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. For children in foundation try the games in Phase 2-4, Year 1 try games in phase 2-5 and Year 2 anything up to Phase 6. They all match up with the phases taught in letters and sounds during school time.

ICT Games KS1 literacy games to support phonic knowledge. Segmenting games are to support children's spellings and blending games are to support childrens reading.

Big Brown Bear NEW Online magnetic letters recources, try practising your spellings with them or maybe make up a short story?

Letters and Sounds NEW Free resources to print and games to play with you children.

Family Learning NEW This website has lots of links to internet games
Maths Games And Activities Pack 20 Fun Maths Challenges To Do At Home

Maths Apps: KS2
  1. Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  2. Addition and Subtraction - Daydream Education
  3. Let's Do Mental Maths (6-7, 10-11)
  4. Motion Math HD Fractions
  5. Times Table Clock
  6. Pettson’s Inventions
  7. Squaring/Quadrillages
  8. Achieve Level 4 Mathematics (Rising Stars)
  9. Maths Brain!
  10. Fractions Smart Pirates
  11. Maths Splat
  12. Bubbles of Maths
  13. Grid Guru
  14. Math Bingo
  15. King of Maths
  16. Grand Prix Multiplication
  17. Chicken Coop Fractions
Classroom Secrets
Letter to parents

Year 3 Learning Pack

Year 3 Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 3 Practical Ideas Learning Pack
Other Resources
Home Learning Ideas

Power Pack Pals: Electricity activities (NEW, added 23rd April)
Power pack pals Certificate

PPP Electrical Presentation - Home version

PPP Safety Poster template

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