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News/ Letters

5th March - Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment For Return To School
4th January 2020 - School cloure from 5th January 2021
Dear parents and carers,
Firstly, I apologise that this is reaching you late in the evening but I am sure you will appreciate that 'just' closing a school isn’t quite as simple as that...

You will by now have heard the news that primary schools across England will be closed from tomorrow to all children except those of two critical worker parents (or a single parent who is a critical worker), Nursery children and those who are classed as vulnerable or with and EHCP.

Mrs Tyler has sent a Key worker form out by email today and we would appreciate you completing and returning this by the end of tomorrow if you believe your child is entitled to a space. We have spoken to most of the parents of vulnerable or EHCP children.

For tomorrow, there is work available on the website for each year group and paper packs are available upon request from the office. This will give teachers a chance to record on line lessons and send out links for Wednesday. These will be sent via Class Dojo and it is expected that ALL children engage with home learning please. Teachers will be monitoring this and will be in touch if they realise that children are, for whatever reason, not accessing the work set.

For those children who are coming in, everyone will start at 8.30am and finish at 3pm. Children will enter and exit through the following gates/doors.
Nursery - Nursery gate
Reception/Y1/Y2/Y3 - through the main door
Years 4/5/6 through the main playground gate

Please can all children wear school uniform and keep PE kit in school.

There will be no hot dinners available so all children will need to bring a packed lunch. After tomorrow we will be able to work out the Free School Meal vouchers as per the previous lock down for those who are entitled.

The office will be open from 8.30 tomorrow is anyone has any queries.

As always, please be assured that we will all pull together to do the best we can for the children and families of Red Oaks.

Take Care
1st September: Letters from Swindon BC
Support and Guidance for September 2020 School Opening
This document aims to support schools and parents in alleviating unnecessary anxiety about the return to School for all pupils in September. The rationale behind this work is to provide a one stop document, created by collating information from various articles that have been directed at educational settings over the last 5months.
There are 5 key areas that have been covered, these include:
  • Understanding Coronavirus
  • The basic principles of preventing the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Government guidance to support school opening in September.
  • Guidance for infection prevention and procedures to follow.
  • Extra Resources and support for staff and students

From Public Health Department
I'd like to thank you for supporting all the changes that schools have had to make due to COVID-19 and to thank the schools themselves for doing everything they can to protect children, parents, carers and staff. It’s not easy but it is up to all of us to stop the spread of the virus, and keep everyone safe.
29th May 2020: Wellbeing Newsletter - May 2020
Emotional health is just as important as physical health, and both can be severely compromised during these unsettling times. Self-care is more important than ever; we are often the last person we think about and look after.
It’s so important during these unprecedented times to enable us to be as resilient as possible for ourselves, and also to manage and alleviate our children’s worries and to provide them with much needed reassurance.
With this in mind, as we move towards schools re-opening, we wanted to outline our guiding principles for how to move forward through this transition as smoothly as possible...
Read the full letter

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19th May 2020: Arrangements for return to school on (or after) 1st June
Dear parents and carers, For many of you, the decision to send your child back to school when we re-open (likely to be 1st June but we will confirm when the Government tell us) is very difficult. This is completely understandable. Many of us are in two minds as we are concerned about the education our children are missing and also worried about the mental well-being of the children as they miss their social groups. I am not a doctor or a scientist and therefore I can only tell you that with input from my valued colleagues, I have created what I believe to be a comprehensive risk assessment. We have worked hard to put in place procedures that we hope will protect your children from risk as much as possible.

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Back To School
Back To School Year 1
Key Worker Information Gathering
12th May 2020
Dear parents and carers,
We are really excited about the prospect of our school coming back to life with lots of children in again but it is really important for us all to recognise that this is something that needs to take place with a great deal of caution and forward thinking.
At the moment, for us in school, there is no change to the guidance. We will continue to provide care for children of those parents whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response and only those who cannot safely be cared for at home (please see full list below).
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Key Worker Information Gathering
Key Worker Listing

11th May 2020
Dear parents and carers,
I hope this letter find you all well.
Following the Government’s announcement yesterday which outlined a ‘road map’ exit plan, I know you will all have lots of questions about children returning to school. Mr Johnson said that children in years R,1 and 6 may return after 1st June but that additional guidance would be given this week. Please allow us some time to ensure we have all the right information and to make plans and trust that we will deliver this information to you as soon as it is clear. Read the full letter

19th March

18th March

Resources to support the mental well-being of children

Keyworker Childcare - Parental Declaration Form

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