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Values Education at Red Oaks 2017 - 2018
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Aspire, Achieve, Grow
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British Values

Values Education at Red Oaks: 2017/18 - Autumn Term 2 - Thoughtfulness

How has someone been thoughtful towards you? How will you/ did you pay this forward?
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Red Oaks Primary School
Red Oaks Primary School
Megan - Year 5
Comments: I have been thoughtful to my mum and dad because we recently installed a new washing machine and I helped them because I kept my brother entertained so he didnt bother my parents.

James - Year 1
Someone let me play with their toys so I let them play with me.

Katherine - Year 1
Someone looked after me when I was crying. I let someone go in front of me in the line.

Sophie - Year 1
Someone helped me when I fell over. I let someone play with my toys.

Reuben - Year 2
My mum told me and my sister to get our stuff out of the car and instead of just getting my things, I got my sister's too. My mum always does things when I ask her to.

Alexa - Year 2
When I was in the football area, I didn't realise it was someone else's free kick and I kicked the ball. Everyone shouted at me but my friend supported me. When my friend fell over I took her to the teacher.

Oakley - Year 2
I took lots of bags for my Mum and Dad and they let me do lots of nice things.

Millie Hebdon - Year 4
My Mum has been very thoughtful because even though she has a broken finger she is still making sure we are happy in every way possible but my friend was really helpful and picked me up from my childminders to help my mum.

Keeva - Year 3
Phoebe cheered me up when she was in Red Oaks (she has moved to Scotland now) so I helped her when someone was rude to her.

Aiden - Year 3
While playing football, I fell over and Henry helped me get up. Then I held the door for Daniel to pay the thoughtfulness forward.

Cayden - Year 4
My sister got me a present when i wasn't expecting it . I will pay it back by getting a present for her .

Akeelah - Year 3
Neveah played with me when I was lonely so I decided to hold the door for my class to walk through.

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