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Red Oaks Primary School
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Complex and Additional Needs Special Resource Provision
Curriculum Access: Supporting wellbeing
Red Oaks Primary School
Developing pupils' emotional and social skills is an integral part of everyday teaching and learning within the Complex Needs Provision. Children also have Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) with their peers either in a class or small group setting. The school has a Learning and Behaviour Charter and Anti-Bullying Policies in place. Children also have opportunities to give their views, e.g. through Circle Time, pupil questionnaires and interviews and through the interim/annual review process.

Observations will be undertaken to monitor interaction and safety during break/lunch times and the Inclusion Base Manager will prioritise and timetable available break and lunch time support depending on the needs of children in the provision and to best ensure children's wellbeing and health and safety during these parts of the day. Alternative arrangements/interventions may be put in place according to children's individual needs.

We work in supporting children with emotional, social and mental health difficulties, using a multi-agency approach, in conjunction with parents and seeking support from services such as the Advisory Service for children with Autistic Spectrum Condition. In very serious circumstances, and as a last resort, the Head Teacher may impose exclusion upon a child, in line the approaches and procedures outlined within our Red Oaks Primary School Charter. Attendance and exclusion data will be submitted to the Authority as part of our Special Resource Provision's annual reporting procedures.

Please note that if a child requires Positive Handling on numerous occasions, a Positive Handling Plan will be written and agreed in conjunction with parents/carers and other professionals where appropriate.

All children in the Complex Needs Special Resource Provision (SRP) will have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). Any personal care needs will be outlined on this statutory document and children will also be recorded on the SRP's Personal Care Register. A Health Care Plan will be in place for any necessary administration of medicine. The school is unable to administer medicine or support with personal care needs except in an emergency for any child without a Health Care Plan or without being listed on the Personal Care Register.

We ask parents/carers to be proactive in communicating essential appointments, e.g. medical appointments, with the Inclusion Base Manager, to minimise the impact on their child's education. We understand that these appointments are an inevitable part of life for many children with complex and additional needs, however it is essential that they are booked outside of school hours wherever possible and that children are out of school for the minimum time possible. However, where reasons for absence are unknown, or high levels of absence are persistent, parents/carers may be invited into school and the support of the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) can be requested.
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Red Oaks is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding children and expects all staff and volunteers to embrace this commitment.

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