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Red Oaks Primary School
Awards, Ofsted and Results

School Performance Tables
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SATs Results:
2019: Unvalidated school data
2018: Unvalidated school data
2017: Unvalidated school data
2016: Validated school data
2015: KS1 KS2
2014: KS1
2013: KS2 KS23

Dyslexia Friend Policy & Appendices - download here

EYFS and Phonics:
EYFS Results 2015
Phonics Screening 2015
Music Mark - September 2020

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Education for Wellbeing - July 2020

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Healthy Schools - June 2020

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Red Oaks Primary School
National Online Safety - Certified School - June 2020

Red Oaks Primary School recognised for its commitment to helping pupils stay safe online
Red Oaks Primary School is now a National Online Safety Certified School

Red Oaks Primary School has successfully completed a comprehensive online safety training programme demonstrating its commitment to keeping children and young people safe online. The Red Oaks Primary School – has received a National Online Safety Certified School Accreditation for its whole school community approach to protecting children in the online world.

National Online Safety is a multi-award winning digital training provider with extensive resources in online safety, developed in line with the Department of Education’s statutory requirements. Its CPD accredited courses and educational resources support UK schools in educating the whole school community in online safety- including all school staff, senior leaders, teachers and parents - on how to make the internet a safer place for children.

James Southworth, co-founder at National Online Safety, said: "Congratulations to everyone at Red Oaks Primary School on becoming a National Online Safety Certified School. By completing our training programme, the school has shown its strong commitment to implementing an effective whole school approach to online safety."

Deputy Head teacher/Foundation Stage Manager

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Red Oaks Primary School
Eco-Schools: Eco Club - January 2020

A big well done to Eco club's continued efforts as we have received our Bronze Award!

We are continuing to work towards our Gold Award with lots of great ideas coming up soon

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Dyslexia Friendly certificate! Summer 2019

Here are the Red Oaks Learning Ambassadors receiving our 10 year Dyslexia Friendly certificate!
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award
Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019

Really pleased to say that we achieved our enhanced Values-Based Education Quality Mark.

This is a wonderful reflection of the general school ethos and community. We aim to always be inclusive and we value the unique qualities of all our children and staff.

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019

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Artsmark Gold: July 2018

Your Statement of Commitment and Case Study have been reviewed by our assessment panel and we are delighted to inform you that Red Oaks Primary School has been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award. Congratulations!

"You are doing wonderful things, empowering pupils through your Artsmark panel, engaging parents through Arts homework, using the Arts to foster creative approaches to learning across the curriculum, developing CPD within and beyond the school and evolving strong systems for evaluation and planning. It is indeed a testament to the school's inclusivity that a deaf pupil was able to take a lead role in an Oscar winning film. Your case study sets out admirable ways forward, with succession planning for Arts staff, training of support staff and continuing development of digital media, including your pupil-led initiative to make their own 'How to...' videos for teachers. The world needs more schools like yours and your plans should include ways in which, over time, you can advocate further for the arts and develop curriculum design in a wide range of settings beyond the school, no doubt with pupils leading the way"

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!

Miss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold award
Mode Shift Stars
OFSTED: November 2017

'Red Oaks Primary School continues to be good.'

Children are firmly at the heart of the school's work. This was clear from our discussions with pupils as well as from our evaluations of your plans for further developments.

A clear strength of the school is its learning environment. This is vibrant, creative and engaging.

A visual celebration of pupils' achievement instils in them a sense of pride and motivates them in further learning.

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ModeShift STARS Bronze award: 2015- Present
Mode Shift Stars
Modeshift STARS is the national schools awards scheme and it has recognised that Red Oaks has demonstrated an excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.
We’ve had a huge success with:
  • Pupil Travel Ambassadors
  • Travel Census
  • The Big Pedal
  • Giant Walk
  • 5 Minute Walk Zone Maps (5MWZ)
  • Parents evening stalls
  • Year 6 Bikeability
  • And many more.
Download our walking map
Mode Shift Stars
Mode Shift Stars

Values-based Education - IVET Quality Mark - May 2016
Values-based education
We have been recertified as a Values Education School, one of only 40 in the country. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in obtaining this award. Read the full report here
Intervention Project: February 2016

Red Oaks has been awarded the Bronze, Silver and Gold award!

We have been involved in this pilot project run by the British Dyslexia Association for the last year and during our verification we were told that our evidence and practice was exemplary. Fantastic work everyone, well done!

Literacy Leap

Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award: July 2015

Congratulations to everybody Oaks - we have had our award renewed for a second time!
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award
Healthy Schools Swindon: Autumn 2014
Healthy Schools' Status - Red Oaks Primary School
Basic Skills Award: Jan 2014
We are very pleased to announce that last week, Red Oaks' Basic Skills award was successfully renewed.
We received a great report which praised our School Council for how well they explained how they use their targets to improve their writing, reading and maths. The report also commented on how much all our staff do to ensure every child at our school makes progress in basic skills, no matter their age, ability or background. Governors contribute to this a lot and are very knowldegable about school procedures and policies. Well done to everyone!
OFSTED: November 2013

'Red Oaks Primary School is a good school.'
Pupils really enjoy coming to school because they are taught in interesting ways
Pupils of all abilities make good progress from their starting points. They reach standards which are broadly average by the time they leave school
This is a very inclusive school. There is a strong sense of teamwork and all adults work well together to make sure that all pupils are helped to achieve as well as they can
All adults and pupils show great respect for each other. Adults model good relationships and the pupils reflect these values back.
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Inclusion Quality Mark: 2012-15

We are really proud that we have been successful in the reaccreditation of our Inclusion Quality Mark. We had a very thorough two day assessment which involved stakeholders at every level and we would like to thank everyone that contributed to assessment. Below are just a few comments that our assessor made...

The "wow factor" of Red Oaks lasted from the beginning of this assessment visit through to the end. Care for children and their backgrounds underpins the Red Oaks Primary ethos.

Red Oaks Primary School sees itself as a caring school which:-
  • Seeks maximum academic success for all children
  • Is focussed on the pursuit of outstanding teaching and learning
  • Is focussed in the interest of relationships for learning
  • Understands and cares for each individual
  • Is a loving, fun and humane school
  • Works with parents and children to raise standards and achieve excellence

The over-riding impression given by Red Oaks Primary is of a school that has an understanding of what it wants to provide to enhance the learning experience for children. There is an energy and enthusiasm from the staff which is clearly visible in the attitudes and behaviour of the children. There is a values-based ethos, based on openness, honesty and humanity, which ensures that the Inclusion agenda is assured.

There is significant evidence of good practice in Inclusion, across all categories of need. Inclusion is evident in every aspect of school life, ensuring that Every Child Matters and, as an extension, that every person associated with the school is also fully valued.
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award: June 2012

Well done to our fab learners: award renewed
Ian and Helen could clearly see that you:

  • know your learning strengths and gifts
  • are becoming brilliant bookworms!
  • are independent learners right from nursery
  • understand your targets and know where to find them
  • demonstrate a good attitude to your work and were very keen to start learning time
  • Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award
    those of you receiving extra help work hard to make accelerated progress
  • know what helps you learn - you're very resourceful
  • are confident, respectful, responsible, collaborative learners
Your learning muscles clearly shone through! We are very proud of you... and all the staff who support you - as one dyslexic pupil summed up "bringing learning to life makes it fun".

The assessors really enjoyed seeing how well our dyslexia friendly approaches were embedded throughout the school - ensuring high quality teaching and learning for all. Congratulations to all children and staff for creating such a fabulous Dyslexia Friendly environment.

The list of honours is too long to detail, but includes our Dyslexia Ambassadors for spreading the word, those who are using their Values and building their learning muscles, those who have created stimulating and exciting learning environments and opportunities, planned amazing trips, inspired a child to enjoy reading again, understood how much effort a child has put into their work, created Clicker grids, delivered staff training, taken the time to value something a child has done, ordered buff paper, laminated help yourself resources, analysed data, supported staff with strategies, delivered programmes, worked 1:1 or in a small group to help a child achieve their targets or celebrated a success with a child - this is what makes our school so special.

Well done to our amazing team - big and small!
Quality Mark: Dec 2009
Quality Mark - Dec 09
The Quality Mark is an award that celebrates and supports continuous improvement in literacy and numeracy.

It is awarded to a school to recognise their provision, practice and performance in literacy and numeracy, and is valid for three years.

A school or setting must demonstrate a whole school approach to improving standards in literacy and numeracy, with evidence of the impact of its approaches.

It provides a framework for self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the basic skills of all pupils in a school, including those who underachieve and those who under attain.
Inclusion Quality Mark: July 2009
Inclusion Quality Mark - July 09
We were delighted to receive this quality mark in recognition of our inclusive practise - as an inclusive school and an inclusive team.

Barbara, our assessor reported that,
"this is a very special school with a unique atmosphere", "the mood is of energy, passion and conviction: 'Children Matter' ",
"a truly inclusive school in which deaf children, children with specific needs, children who are a little slower at starting reading and children with extraordinary gifts are treasured, supported and given every opportunity to grow...a school in which any parent or carer would love to place their child".
International School Award: Sept 2009

Congratulations Everyone
International School Award for Red Oaks
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award: July 2009

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved our Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award.A HUGE thank you to the children who were fantastic ambassadors for Red Oaks and really made the assessors' day today. Well done - your enthusiasm shone through and you did us proud. A big thank you also to our fabulous parents, TA's, admin. staff, teachers, governors and Head Teacher who have made the journey towards Dyslexia Friendly Schools such a great one. What a great team effort - fabulous unity!
We will look forward to the award ceremony and will keep you posted!
'Awards for All' Success: Dec 2008
'Awards for All' Success: Dec 08
Red Oaks is delighted to have been awarded £10,000
by 'Awards for All - England' to promote Deaf awareness and British Sign Language across the school community, purchase resources to support the learning of BSL, and to establish a Deaf-hearing theatre project and signing choir.
More information to follow shortly...

Thanks to Mrs Menham and Miss Parker for their hard work in putting together the successful bid

Miss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold award
Artsmark Gold: July 2008

Miss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold award.
We applied for Artsmark last November and were moderated by the Arts Council earlier this year and our application was sucessful! 

The ArtsMark Gold is the highest and so recognises all the time, efforts and achievements of our school in the arts.

It was a lovely day and we were very proud.
The children represented our school beautifully and the organisers commected that our school looked like great fun!
Miss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold awardMiss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold awardMiss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold award
Miss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold awardMiss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold awardMiss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold award

Investor In People: March 08

Investor In People
Red Oaks has met the requirements of the Standard for recognition as an Investor in People. A huge thank you to Miss Brittain for managing this process.

The examples of good practice are a credit to the whole staff  and governor team.
Here are a few of the key highlights:

  • Red Oaks is a shining example of an Investor in People organisation
  • The school is exciting, dynamic, innovative and 'everyone' has fun
  • The whole ambiance of the school is one of teamwork
  • The Head is a superb leader, making clear the high standards she requires, but leading in such a way that both staff and pupils enjoy their time in school
  • The atmosphere is one of happy and co-operative working, and the environment is delightful, with excellent wall displays
  • Staff are valued in many ways
  • All staff have equal opportunities for development
  • There is a very good four-way network between staff, governors, children and parents which is encouraging and rewarding for staff

The report concludes that the examples of good practice shared are just a small list of many. The assessor also wrote, "Red Oaks is probably one of the finest Investor in People schools I have had the pleasure to assess in fifteen years."

International School Award  - Red Oaks Primary SchoolInternational School Award  - Red Oaks Primary School
International School Award: Jan 2008


Red Oaks are awarded the Intermediate International School Award for their global activities and work with South Africa and France in 2006-2007.

The British Council recognises that Red Oaks Primary School are developing Internationalism.

Well done everyone!

Eco Action Group have gained another prestigious award for Red Oaks – the much coveted Eco Schools Silver Award.
Silver Eco Award: Jan 2008

Eco Action Group have gained another prestigious award for Red Oaks – the much coveted Eco Schools Silver Award.

The Group have been working really hard since September to evaluate how eco-friendly the school is and to make a detailed action plan to go greener.

We now have a link governor and two recycling schemes on the go – ‘Recycool’ and ‘Go Green for Asda’ – more details coming soon.

We have taken over the collection of the paper recycling bins and are saving Mick a job while ensuring that all classes (and the teachers!) are recycling sensibly.
Click here for the Certificate

Breaking news:

Miss Brittain and Miss Hancock
have worked incredibly hard to gain the

Basic Skills Award: Sept 2007
This is a fabulous achievement after only one year of opening. Well done ladies!

Mrs Deeley presented us with a certificate to celebrate our School Travel Plan - Red Oaks Primary School
Extra, extra, read all about it!

Mrs Deeley presented us with a certificate to celebrate our

School Travel Plan: Sept 2007

Healthy Schools’ Status: July 2007

Healthy Schools’ Status - Red Oaks Primary School
We have recently been assessed and found to be a super healthy school. The assessors spoke to staff, children, parents and governors and were very impressed by the amount of hard work that has been done to achieve this award in less than one year.
So, well done to everyone who helped to make it happen, and a big thank you too.

Gold Smoke Free Award - Red Oaks Primary School
Gold Smoke Free Award: April 2007

We have just been awarded our
Gold Smoke Free Award

from Smoke Free Swindon. I'm sure we don't need to remind you that whole learning campus is a smoke free zone, this includes the school building and the grounds.
Click here to see our certificate

Thank you for helping us all breathe freely.

Eco Schools Bronze Award  - Red Oaks Primary SchoolEco Schools Bronze Award  - Red Oaks Primary School
Bronze Eco Award: Feb 2007

Three Green Cheers for Red Oaks!

Red Oaks' Eco Club have just been awarded a Bronze Award from the Eco Schools environmental charity.
To get this award we had to carry out an environmantal survey of the school and then come up with an Eco Action Plan for the school to follow.

We will need everyone's help to work towards our Silver Award - putting the action plan into place.

We hope you find our site informative and interesting and welcome feedback at any time. If you would like to visit the school please do not hesitate to contact the school office any time. If you require paper copies of any information on our website, please ask at the office.

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Red Oaks is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding children and expects all staff and volunteers to embrace this commitment.

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