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Red Oaks Primary School
Welcome to the Red Oaks Guest Book

"I think this web site is fantastic, it has so much information on it. I especially like the Celebrating Children Section. It is really nice when your children go on their class page and see pictures of themselves."
Leo O
Epic school, been there, there are nice people and friendly teachers.

Jacob L
This school is the best, you will never find a better one, we also have the best teachers you will ever find.

Tiah - Year 6
This school is amazing I don't want to leave next year because they help you when you are stuck, have a concern: they will talk to you about it even if they are busy, they will always make a space for their students and they are all very caring.

This school is the best. You will NEVER find a better one. I absolutely love it.

I love this school because if you need help they will give you it.

Tiah D
This school is the best because they deal with bullying very well and the staff help children when they need it and if you want to talk to the teachers at any point they will make space for you!

This school is the school ever I don't want to leave this school in year 6. I have made lots of friends over the past 6-7 years. I love this school and all the teachers here.

I am doing well in all subjects, yay! If you are struggling just keep trying. You can do it.

Mariatou J
This school is the best, I love it

I love this school because they help me when I'm stuck .

The gym and trim trail are so fun. I LOVE THEM!!!

I love all of the school trips we have

I really like tag rugby In PE.

Sophia P
OK everyone who is looking at this message right now, this school - Red Oaks - is an amazing school to attend and the staff are literally AMAZING! Everyone is very friendly and we take bullying and any other type of children's concerns seriously. We have a new way of working to make lessons better and to get the kids more active - Having racing lessons and more outside time during activities.

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Red Oaks Primary School, Redhouse Way, North Swindon Learning Campus, Swindon SN25 2AN
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Red Oaks is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding children and expects all staff and volunteers to embrace this commitment.

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