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Red Oaks Primary School
Wall of Talent

Tell us what you excel at...

A chance to share your in and out-of-school-hours successes and triumphs - send us your pictures here

JHS - Reception
After just 5 weeks JHS has received his first swimming badge. Super proud achievement. !
Red Oaks Primary School
RK - Year 1
R. recently got some new shoes with laces and has since not stopped practicing how to tie her laces herself! She’s learnt so quickly - well done R!
Red Oaks Primary School
CB - Year 2
I have been very excited about bake off and got inspiration from Charlie and the chocolate factory for my cake. I designed it and baked it by myself to share with my family.
Red Oaks Primary School
CB - Year 2
I learnt to ride my bike over the Christmas holidays!!!
Red Oaks Primary School
QB - Nursery
I have been doing lots of drawing and really proud of my creations.
Red Oaks Primary School
KB - Year 4 Oak
I participated the Brighter Futures Superhero Run .

Red Oaks Primary School
Daisy - Year 5
Congratulations to Daisy in Y5 for getting a place in and representing her county for Wiltshire football, she got through trials and will represent them in21/22.

Red Oaks Primary School
SS- Year 1
S.has only been climbing for 12 weeks and is already completing difficult climbs. We are so proud how confident and determined she is. She is always up for any challenges her trainer Matt sets her. See her video here.

Red Oaks Primary School
A-SC - Year 4
I am pleased to say I have been featured in the prestige models magazine this month.

Red Oaks Primary School
Douglas L - Elm Class
Douglas received an amazing postcard from his martial arts teacher.

Red Oaks Primary School
Joshua: Year 6
Joshua was one of the winners for the Swindon Town Football Club Lockdown poetry competition. Well done Joshua!

Red Oaks Primary School
IF. Year 4
I am really proud of myself for achieving my grade one exam for drums. Even though I didn't get the highest one, I still think it is a very good achievement.
CB. Year 1
I saw a house covered in poppies and asked my Mummy if we could stop and have a look. I saw a money box and gave all my pocket money and money from the tooth fairy for the soilders. My family were so proud of my kindness and being so thoughtful.
Red Oaks Primary School

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