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Curriculum: Design Technology

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How do we teach Design Technology at Red Oaks Primary School?

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Design Technology provides the children at Red Oaks with skills that they can build upon throughout their lives in an ever changing world. The children are encouraged to look at a variety of products with a critical eye and to explore how things work, what they are made from and who they have been designed for. Creative thinking is encouraged and children have many opportunities to design, make, evaluate and sometimes adapt their own products in a supportive environment. Design Technology is taught at Red Oaks in a cross curricular way and the children learn through Enquiry, asking questions at the beginning of each term and finding the answers through their learning. Cooking is part of the Design Technology curriculum and the children at Red Oaks are taught keys cookery skills which are developed and built upon as they move through the school.

At Red Oaks our aims for Design Technology are to enable the children to:
  • Talk about products and say what they like and dislike about their designs.
  • Develop their abilities to research in a variety of ways.
  • Think creatively and come up with their own designs.
  • Represent their ideas in a variety of ways and communicate their ideas with others.
  • Be resilient when they come up against problems.
  • Be familiar with a wide range of tools and equipment, know how to use them safely and increasing skill.
  • Evaluate their own designs and the designs of their friends in a constructive way.
  • Describe ways they could improve designs.
  • Understand where food comes from.
  • Understand that the sharing of food is an important part of lots of celebrations
  • Understand the need to eat a variety of foods.
  • Demonstrate hygienic practises when preparing to cook and while cooking.
  • Understand what a variety of tools and equipment are used for.

    Use a variety of cookery tools and equipment safely.

    Follow recipes with increasing independence and to sometimes adapt them.

Red Oaks Primary SchoolRed Oaks Primary SchoolRed Oaks Primary SchoolRed Oaks Primary School

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