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Values Education at Red Oaks: This Term's Value - Summer Term 1 2021 - Respect

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Red Oaks Primary School

We would like each class to send a photo of someone they respect with a short explanation of why. 
This can be someone still alive or someone from the past.
(Use this form to send your photo)
Pine Class - Year 1
We chose Queen Elizabeth II. We respect the Queen because she is kind, helpful and protects everyone. She looks after our country and helps us with the rules. She fights for our country to keep it safe.
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Oak Class - Year 4
Sir Captain Tom Moore is Oak class’s choice for the Most Respected Person.
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Palm Class - Year 3
We voted to show our respect to Marcus Rashford. We chose this wonderful young man because his selflessness is endless; helping his local community, multiple charities and children across the whole country. Out of kindness alone, he has supported the most vulnerable in our society, with donations, fundraising and taking action himself. We believe he is a perfect role model for children.
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Maple Class - Year 3
We voted and chose to pay respect to Prince Phillip, The late Duke of Edinburgh. We chose him because he showed courage and supported The Queen. He fought against Germany in World War II as a Naval officer. This man created the Duke of Edinburgh awards which is a charity that provides opportunities for young people. Sadly he recently passed away at the age of 99, he was buried on 17th April 2021 in Windsor.
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OC - Year 2
I respect this person as she is my nanny and I lost her in 2018, she loved me so much. This is me with her when I was little.
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