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How do we teach Maths at Red Oaks Primary School?
NEWS: Sept 23
On Monday 18th September we will be having a ROCK STAR day to relaunch TTRS and timestables learning across the school. Each year group will focus on timestables progressively across the school and have a great morning with active learning and rocking out.

Here are the focuses for the different year groups for your information, children who are not working within their year group boundaries will be supported and have access to the previous year group's tasks to ensure challenge and support for all children.

EYFS - ELG number:
Have a deep understanding of number to 10
Subitise (recognise quantities without counting) up to 5
Automatically recall (without reference to rhymes, counting or other aids) number bonds up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some number bonds to 10, including double facts
Multiplication Tables and Bonds
Daily practice of:
Y1- number bonds
Y2- number bonds and 2, 5 and 10 multiplication facts
Y3- number bonds 2, 5,10, 3, 4 and 8 multiplication and division facts
Y4-Y6- number bonds all multiplication and division facts

Please can all children come to school dressed as rock stars and be ready to rock out.
There will be a whole school house competition and an individual timestable competition, so make sure you are on TTRS daily and get earning those coins.

Any questions please speak with your child's class teacher or myself,
Thank you, Mrs Jacques

At Red Oaks Primary School we introduce children to the underlying mathematical concepts through practical, oral, written and mental activities that will equip them with the skills they will need in secondary education and in life. Children learn through real contexts and look for patterns in their prior understanding of mathematics to help them link new learning with prior learning as they progress through the school.
Red Oaks believes that all children can be mathematicians and that a deep and secure understanding cannot be achieved simply through learning abstract models and algorithms. However, strong recall of number facts such as times tables and formal written methods is essential if children are able to apply their reasoning to solve a problem efficiently and accurately.
Red Oaks Primary School follows the CPA approach (Concrete resources, Pictorial representations and Abstract representations such as formal calculations) and all children learn through this progressive process. We follow the CAN DO MATHS framework which allows the children to learn concepts and practise in progressive manageable steps. The learning overviews for each year group are called Knowledge Organisers. These can be found below to support you to understand the models, images and strategies we use to support learning.
All children experience learning that enables them to solve problems by making links to prior knowledge and understanding. Children learn how to use knowledge and strategies that they can retrieve automatically alongside reasoning skills to allow them to solve mathematical problems. As children’s mental methods are strengthened and refined they begin to work more efficiently, which will support them with using succinct written calculation strategies as they are developed. We aim for all children to have a secure basic understanding of the number system, calculation, geometry and statistics by the time they leave Year 6.

We aim to:
  • Make maths fun and relevant. Children will learn to see the practical and personal implications of having a sound knowledge and understanding of the concepts of number, shape and space, measure and statistics. They will learn how to apply this knowledge and understanding to real life and future learning.
  • Allow children to discover patterns and underlying concepts for themselves.
  • Allow children to make conjectures and then try to justify their ideas.
  • Deepen the children’s understanding of core concepts through puzzles and investigations.
  • Support all children through concrete resources, pictures and models before moving on to abstractions.
  • Make every child a mathematical thinker.
The main lesson- the Mastery Approach
Red Oaks Primary School has designed a curriculum to reflect a Mastery approach to fit our own context and community. The Mastery Approach aims to ensure that all children can understand the fundamental mathematical concepts through the use of concrete resources and pictorial representations and that they will then be able to work with this understanding in a more abstract way. The aim is for all children to master these fundamental concepts at an appropriate level. Challenge is provided by deepening the children's understanding of their learning though the use of investigations, finding patterns and rules, using language to explain reasoning and also using language to explain why some things DO NOT fit a rule or pattern. Red Oaks Primary School believe that ALL children can deepen their mathematical understanding. Though not all children will be working on the same problems, they will ALL be developing the same skills.

At Red Oaks Primary School a short, unseen assessment is given prior to the teaching of a unit of work. This is used to inform the teacher's planning and teaching. Children who appear not to have retained the previous learning receive pre-teaching in small groups each day for 5 minutes. This takes place in the week prior to the main teaching. If most children seem not to have retained their understanding, the teacher may choose to do whole-class pre-teaching. These short daily practices are called '5-minute Maths'. Children then complete an end-of-unit mini assessment to check progress and allow further over-learning for some children.

The teacher and support staff assess children's understanding during the lesson and after the lesson to identify children who require over-learning. This can happen in assembly times in small groups or in the afternoon. The aim is to correct children’s misconceptions as soon as possible before they are moved forwards.

Maths On Track
This is a fifteen-minute lesson which occurs outside of the main lesson at least three times a week. These lessons are carefully planned to ensure that learning that has occurred several weeks before can be revised and consolidated.

Number Ninjas
These sessions are designed to help children recall number facts and calculation procedures regardless of the unit of work being learned in the main lessons. Teachers take into consideration the age and needs of the children when deciding how frequently the children do this but all children will spend a minimum of 45 minutes per week doing Number Ninjas.

Mathematical resources are regularly audited and organised to optimise access for all children.

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