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Termly Challenges

We have a wonderful science display in school with termly science challenges for all of the children to join in with.
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Term 2: Summer 2021: Ice: Instructions here

Here is your term 6 science challenge!
It's all about ice - this is a chemistry challenge about changing materials and states of matter. It looks like a fun one
I can’t wait to see what you discover Don't forget to email our school scientists with any questions you might have. Miss Wilson

Looks like a busy weekend for science. Well done H, E and M for completing the ice challenge

F. had fun looking at how an ice cube had formed a perfect sphere, and how the water expanded when freezing. He attached the string and poured salt over it, which lifted up part of the ice. A really impressive investigation F.

M. used 2 ice cubes, to make sure at least one of them worked. Both worked and he was thrilled. T.s ice challenge worked too.

Another super scientist at work. M. has completed the ice challenge.

Well done Y. for completing the new science challenge for term 6. There is still time to enter and to get your certificate before the end of term

Our first science challenge entry for term 6! Great work N and T



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