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2018 - 2019
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British Values

Summer Term 2 - British Values

This term we are revisiting British Values.
At her coronation when she was 27, the Queen took an oath, which is a promise before God. She promised to govern her people, exercise law and justice, with mercy and 'maintain the laws of God'.
British laws are made for the good of all people.
These are the facts that we know about the queen:

She has four children called Anne, Andrew, Charles and Edward

The queen has corgies

Her face is on stamps

She is the longest reigning monarch

She loves horses

She is married to Prince Phillip

Price William and Prince Harry are her grandsons

She lives at Buckingham Palace and the flag is raised when she is at home

Queen Elizabeth, image by
The Queen was crowned in 1953

The Crown Jewels are kept in the Tower of London

She likes to wear hats!

She sends a Christmas message every year at 3pm

She has two birthdays

Her favourite colour is yellow

She is 93 years old

She meets with world leaders
She rules over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth

Today (15th July) , we had a visit from Bart Gee
who inspired us with his resilience and positive attitude.
Bart has overcome physical disabilities to become an amazing pianist and has many other talents and skills too!
We have realised that the words 'difficult, tricky and challenge' all mean that something is possible and that we CAN do it!
Queen Elizabeth, image by Elizabeth, image by

Justin Tomlinson, our local MP came in to explain how laws are made.
Queen Elizabeth, image by
Click to view our British Values - Queen Elizabeth II assembly presentation

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