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Spring Term 2 - Courage

Have a look at our 'Courage' Video
Red Oaks Primary School

The children at Red Oaks were asked what they are scared of and these were the top answers.

Can you advise how best to deal with these fears? What would you say to your friends and class mates to help them not be so scared?

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You don't need to be scared of them because you are a lot bigger than them and they will be afraid of you.

Caitlin Y1
No need to be scared of very little spiders. Only big spiders in some other countries can be dangerous.

Eliza Y1
They don't hurt you at all and they aren't scary and they just tickle a little bit.

Spiders are scared of you

If you don't attack the spider then it won't attack you. Most spiders are not poisonous and are scared of us because we are taller.

Sophia J
Don't be scared of spiders, they are more scared of you. They are clever creatures.

Robert T
Learn more about them.

You don't have to be scared of spiders because they are harmless and they don't bite either, not in this country anyway.

Daisy K
Be the one who picks up the spiders out the house.
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You don't have to be scared of snakes because most snakes are not dangerous as lots don't have venom in.

Try and be brave.

Don't be afraid, snakes are smoother than you think. A Corn snake is very gentle.

If you don't like snakes you don't have to hold then but if you do they feel soft and they move a bit fast but mostly slow and quietly.

Snakes are not harmful to us if you don't scare them. In this country they are not venomous so don't be scared and if you don't want to hold them don't because they can be fast and slippery.

Noah D
If you ever come across a snake just stay still and let it walk right pastyou.

Fred-Dron L Y3
What you can't see can't hurt you so if you close your eyes and look away it can't hurt you
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Monsters are not real.

Sophiab Y1
They are not real, they are only in books and films.

Tell your mum and dad, use a torch or a light and have a look under your bed if that is where you think the monster is. I bet it isn't there!

Molly V
You should not be scared of monsters because they are not real! And if you are slightly worried abut it then you should just remember that you can make up your own monster and maybe draw it out and then you can think that if you are scared then you can think that it is your special monster and you won't be scared of it any more. Maybe you can draw you monster and then show your friends and family and see if they like your monster. Also if you are ever scared of monsters again then you might be able to tell your monster about your worries and see what they say! And if you ever see them on a film then think of your monster and you can just think of your monster! So don't be scared.

Karina Y2
Monsters are not real so you do not need to be scared.

David B
Monsters are not real.
Scary Films
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Just pause the video if you find it scary and skip to the next part.

The film you are watching- if it is scary- it is not actually real they are just acting it.

James S
A film is only acting and so it is only actors and actresses performing a film- it is all made up! Maybe also don't watch films not meant for your age.

Keep on skipping until its not a scary part.

Pola Y2
You can just turn it off and go to do something else.

Ellie S
Whatever the scary film when you watch it just remember that it is not real and they are acting and if the face is scary then it is just special effects makeup or a mask

Fred-Dron L Y3
What you can't see can't hurt you.

Always remember if the film is scary it's not true it's all made up for entertainment and look away if there are some terrifying parts.
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Jake W
Don't look down.

Olivia Y2
You shouldn't be scared and don't look down if you feel a bit frightened.

Lily W
If something wasn't safe and was likely to fall, adults wouldn't let anyone go on it. If you are allowed on something that looks dangerous then it will have definitely been approved by a professional.

Never climb anything without supervision and safety and if you are doing it under supervision remember that your in good hands!
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Erin Y1
They don't sting you much, they are helpful and they make honey!

Sophie Y1

If they do sting you, you can easily take the sting out and it only stings a little while

Bees are a lot smaller than you so you could be super scary for them. If you don't bother them nothing will happen but don't get scared because they do no harm to you.

Alfie G
They will only sting them if you harm them so a good thing to do is be still until it flies away.

Just stay calm because if you scream they will get frightened and may sting you. Bees only want to find flowers to land on.

James S
Bees will only sting if you make them angry and after that, the bees die and won't sting again!

If there is a bee close to you just stand still and look away then it should go away.
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William F
Get something to distract you or close the blinds so then you can't see outside.

If you are scared of flying you should watch a movie, use headphones and eat sweets.

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