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Being Dyslexic is Being Someone Amazing!

Some writing tips from Dyslexic Author Tom McLaughlin
Some writing tips from Dyslexic Authour Tom McLaughlin
'I have a weird relationship with words, mostly I love them, but sometimes, just sometimes they drive me round the bend!'
Click here to read his article

You can also check out this list of Top 10 books
for reluctant and dyslexic readers! It has everything from Wimpy Kid to Goth Girl!

Did you know that 1 in 5 entrepreneurs in the UK is dyslexic?!
Theo Paphitis from Dragon's Den is dyslexic - check out this article to find out what a hard worker he became as a result. Have you got a reading overlay, coloured exercise books, buff paper or tinted glasses? - what helps you helps Theo too!

Can you be as inventive as Tom from The Apprentice? More...

Are you a drama queen like Kara Tointon from Eastenders? More...

We are all unique, and we all learn differently.
Everyone has things they are good at and things they find more difficult.
Have you heard of dyslexia? We have two brains - a right brain and a left brain.
Children and adults with dyslexia like to use their right brain. This means they sometimes see things differently to people who don't have dyslexia and means that they are often very creative and talented. They are really good at noticing what's happening around them and they are often curious about how things work. Many people with dyslexia have amazing imaginations and think mainly in pictures instead of words - how cool is that?! Just look at some of the amazing famous people that have the gift of dyslexia! What do you want to be when you leave school?

Can you sing as well as Robbie Williams?
Fancy starring in Harry Potter? Can you rustle up a meal Jamie Oliver style?
Can you race as fast as Jackie Stewart? Are you as clever as Einstein?
Could you be an actor like Robin Williams?
Are you talented enough to make films like Walt Disney?
Do you have artistic flair like Picasso? How about making millions like Richard Branson?

About 10% of people are affected by dyslexia - some more than others. On average, that's 3 people in every class at Red Oaks! Some people with dyslexia find reading and spelling more of a challenge. Your teachers do lots of things to help you, for example:

  • Pairing you up with a reading buddy
  • Printing your work on non-white paper
  • Changing the background colour on Smart board slides and some computer programmes
  • Give you coloured overlays to try to help you with your reading
  • Books and i-reads with non-white paper/backgrounds and illustrations
  • Using writing frames
  • Lots of multisensory teaching and learning with pictures, music and artefacts et
  • Displaying vocabulary and questions etc. in classroom
  • Help yourself corners and displays with 100 squares, handy spellers, lollipop sticks, connective mats etc

Click here for some ideas to help you learn your homework

Take a look at this great website to find out more about being dyslexic: Being Dyslexic

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