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KS2 Online Safety Survey
We're delighted to report that children are more likely to speak to you as their parents/carers if they were being cyberbullied than in previous surveys. Keep up the good work! At Red Oaks we believe that regular dialogue about your child's online usage and monitoring of their accounts encourages children to come to you when they have questions or encounter problems.

A record 96% of children reported that they feel Red Oaks taught online safety well/very well.
However, this is not good enough based on the facts below... Some food for thought we would like to share with you:
  • Almost half our children report using a device for 3+ hours a day. How can we limit this screen time?
  • 44 children report that their parents/carers know very little/nothing about their online usage - is this you?
  • 25 children reported that they met someone in real life that they had met online and didn't take an adult. Could this be your child?
  • Is your child one of the many using apps above their age (Snapchat, Instagram, What's app, Youtube accounts)?
  • Is your child one of the small number with 100+ friends on a social networking site?
  • Reports of cyber bullying had risen very slightly based on the previous year (but not as high as the years before that), however there has been a significant rise in bullying in online gaming (58% to 77%). Has your child talked to you about this? Is it a problem for them?
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Red Oaks Primary School
Well done!!
A huge well done to the Cyber Mentors who confidently led a staff meeting teaching the teachers! We all learned lots about what you like doing and why including: Snapchat, Animal Jam,, Funimate, Roblox, Youtube, Instagram and Minecraft and some of your online habits!
We were delighted to hear about your good underlining of privacy restrictions and safe and positive online behaviours. The teachers were interested to learn more about parent controls and monitoring, amount of screen time and the children's understanding of their digital footprint.
Red Oaks Primary School
We are becoming increasingly aware of primary school children playing Fortnite, and issues regarding this are coming into school. We'd like to bring parents' attention to some of the dangers and pitfalls of this addictive and violent gaming craze and also that the age limit is 12+ (13+ in U.S.).
Please take a look at the following links for more information which offer valuable advice on how to mitigate the risks:
Internet Matters     You TubeVideo:

Online Safety Magazine
Provided by Alan Mackenzie, E-Safety Advisor - Download the latest edition of DITTO: Stay Safe - Have Fun - Repeat

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Red Oaks is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding children and expects all staff and volunteers to embrace this commitment.

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